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Film Night returns
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New ceramic / cork collection
New arrivals: We're proud to feature pieces from the Whistler collection by Portuguese designer Raquel Castro in our webshop. These ...
Clockwork Lobster
If you haven't checked it out yet, come and see Josie McGilvray's exhibition of steampunk jewellery at Lee Rosy's, under ...
21st Century Poe
A little after the fact, but we just wanted to say thank you to Marty Ross for his engrossing Halloween ...

Upcoming Events

Emma Kupa (Standard Fare) / Shelley Jane (Mighty Kids) / Jack Cross (No Disco)
Lucky Cloud Promotions present: A night of indie-ness at Lee Rosy's Tea...Room. Emma Kupa will be playing in support of ...
BLOOD & STONE: Lullaby For A Vampire Countess A Storytelling Show For Walpurgisnacht!
Walpurgisnacht? Well, any reader of Bram Stoker will tell you that in Middle Europe, April 30th - not the Celtic ...
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