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All the world's rooibos - a member of the pea family - grows in one little region of South Africa, not far from Cape Town. It is a very fussy plant, just like tea.
Green Rooibos Fire
Rooibos with the essence of blood orange and safflowers for a mild sweet taste and fiery red liquor.
Green Rooibos & Greengage
This is green rooibos & greengage: green rooibos with sunflower blossoms and the mild, sweet flavour of greengage.
Rooibos Herbal Blend
A calming blend of rooibos and a veritable herb garden: peppermint, fennel seed, liquorice root, blackberry leaves, verbena and cinnamon pieces.
Rooibos Flowerdance
Sunflower blossoms, cornflowers and rose petals add a flowery burst to rooibos.
Rooibos Earl Grey
The classic bergamot citrus of Earl Grey blended with the rich and earthy flavour of rooibos.
Rooibos Orange Quince
Rooibos with the distinctive flavour of orange, quince and sunflower blossoms for a strong, citrus taste.
Rooibos Strawberry Cream
Rooibos tea, strawberry pieces and cream flavour - summer in a mug.
Rooibos Gingerbread Orange
This one is a surprise bestseller and one of the most popular in our range. We often recommend it when a customer asks for something "completely different". The contents resemble something like an autumnal forest floor.
Rooibos & Vanilla
An ever popular mixture of rooibos and vanilla pieces.