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Jasmine Dragon Pearl
FAQs about Jasmine Dragon Pearl
Q. So this tea is pretty special, then?
jasmine tea
Jasmine & Flowers
Has a tea more relaxing than Jasmine ever been invented? That blissful aroma of mild leaves and sweet tropical flowers? Probably not.
jasmine tea
White Tea Pai Mu Tan
Only the top two leaves and the bud of the plant are used in white tea. Pai Mu Tan is the most popular variety of white tea, with a deliciously delicate flavour.
white tea
Jasmine Chung Hao
An extremely high quality Jasmine: jasmine flowers are worked in with green tea leaves are worked in over time with to create an exquisite perfumed flavour.
jasmine tea
Formosa Oolong
Fine semi-fermented tea from Taiwan with a unique, classic flavour.
oolong tea